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Woodbury book author coming to APIS.

About a week ago I got a blurb from Dawson's Books in LA that he was having a reception and book signing by the author of a book on the Woodbury process. Needless to say I was pretty excited. To my knowledge there has never been a book published on the Woodbury process. I literally ran across the street from the carbon works building to the B+S home office and lab and out of breath showed Melody the blurb. She contacted Michael Dawson to get. Mr. Oliver's email. Barret Oliver has said he would come to APIS and make a presentation. We had to do some painful adjusting of the speakers schedule but Mr. Oliver is on!

The blurb for Dawsons reception and a bit about the book is linked on www.carbonprinting.com

Sounds like fun!

--Dick Sullivan
Bostick & Sullivan