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Re: Recent Spam Attacks Pirate Software?

Yes, I have as well . . not quite a boat load but multiple offers. Doing some web walking for such things and for digital cameras, etc. multiple web sites for CS3 for something like $75 or a Canon 5D for around $750 have been found. I traced the camera equipment to Chinese sites, which provided correspondence my wallet was not pried open due to great trepidation. P.T. Barnum's pithy aphorism of "a customer is born every minute" continues to make sense and the elaboration of that, "a sucker is born every minute" applies even more.

On June2007, at 9:09 PM, Eric Neilsen wrote:

Lately I have been getting a boat load of software offers for pirated software. This is the only list that has this address. Anybody else? Gordon?


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