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Re: Digital Film backup

Richard Knoppow wrote:

development in photographic materials and processes which did not require an entire process to be changed to recover existing material. The proof is that nearly any photographic material from the very beginnings of photography to the present can be viewed, mostly without special equipment, or, as in the case of motion pictures, with relatively simple equipment. This is not true of digital and is not likely to be true in the future.
Actually, I think it is possible... What you're "viewing" with "the photographic material from the very beginnings" you speak of is generally a photograph, an image, hard copy.

There are now digital printers which will make a fine looking photograph that is for all practical purposes, if properly stored, which all photographs require, archival. So you won't have the original digital file. That, IMO, is not such a big deal. You'll have the *photograph*, and let us even imagine that by then there will be digital programs that will,
after you input some info and fill in some data, back form your print to the original jpeg, or even "raw file."