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Water color and water colour paper.OT Fun Thing.

I was told by someone, I cant remember who, but it was not anyone on this list, as far as I can remember, although it was a long time ago when I was researching the adhering of different papers to different supports. I didnt mean ''supports'' as we use the word for the paper itself, but support for the paper i.e. the support which is used to support the paper when processing.  Anywho, I dont really think there is much truth in the following, but then it may be interesting to ruminate why anyone would spread such information among serious artists but, then again, it would be a part of a book which I am thinking of doing, called, ''How to Stick Your Paper. What Not to Do.''  A must for all university and college libraries throughout the World studying photography/art, photographic art, just art, just photography and interior decor paper hanging.
''Water color paper is the cheap variety which can be bought in pads from supermarkets.
Water colour paper is the high status kind of paper which costs far more for one sheet than several pads of the other stuff. This is the essential material if you are doing Fine Art ( f /art ) image making.....where the value of the support is considered, by some, to be of major importance.''
But not forgetting the cheapest and most widely used and useful of all.
W/C paper
BTW. He he he he he he .
Chortle, chortle. chortle.
I have started taking my chill pills, again.
John - Photographist - London - UK 
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Does it work with water color paper as well as water colour paper???

Tenants Harbor, Maine

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In a message dated 6/17/2007 4:27:44 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, jseigel@panix.com writes:
Get a good quality two sided tape (expensive, the last roll I bought was
$10 at NY Central, but extemely handy generally), and put it a wee bit
inside the edges to fasten paper to whatever you're fastening to.
Judy --
Will a wet print adhere with this tape?  Is there a label which identifies the maker of the tape?  'Sounds better than my pebble method... .

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