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New printer

Good morning to all readers,

I have a question about printers.
The first printer I bought was an EPSON A4 printer with DuraBright
(pigmented) inks.The printer worked perfect (1 year) till I went on
vacation for three weeks.When I came back I could throw away my printer
because the printerhead was clogged and no trick or method to clean the
nozzles worked good enough.(Epson didn't warn me for that problem !).
Therefore I'm now looking round for a good photoprinter with a different
kind of (dyebased ?) inks(to print negatives for platinotype)which will
not give clogging problems within 3 weeks of non use.
Which member of the alt-photo group can give me a good advise,based on
her/his own experience (So,not:If I Remember Well,As Far As I Know etc.)
and,if possible,with data (Dmax for UV-light,what type of film do you
use, e.g.).