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Re: negative scanners (OT)

jneuhauser@wavecable.com schreef:
Dear List,

I need to buy negative scanner to scan both 35mm and medium format negs and slides to produce both enlarged digital negatives and large digital prints. I am printing on the Epson 4800. Does anyone have suggestions for a scanner that will produce high quality scans? If this is not of interest to the group, please email off list.


Janet Neuhauser

Dear Janet,

Look for a detailed scanner review on www.photo-i.co.uk,choose :reviews
on the left side of their homepage,then scanners  and then
Epson V 700 (70 pages) and V 750 (50 pages).You can compare it with the
Canon 9950F and other scanners.Because I don't know where you live I
cannot tell you the price of the 700,only the Dutch price : € 539,=
Have a good weekend !