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RE: Phil Davis

Oh goodness! A generation is passing away. I have learned a lot from his
book "Beyond the Zone System." 

He was still teaching at University of Michigan when I studied engineering
there. Unfortunately I wasn't into photography at that time (I had a
darkroom before that but sort of gave that hobby up while studying in the
university), so I never met him. In fact, I didn't even know his name at
that time.   :(

Dave S

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> I've just received word that Phil Davis passed away at his 
> home in Webster Township, Michigan yesterday, July 2.
> Retired from the University of Michigan as Professor of Art 
> in 1985, Phil was best known to the photography community for 
> his photography text books as well as his Beyond The Zone 
> System books and workshops.  
> Tremendously generous and intelligent, he has taught so many 
> of us not just how to practice photography but also how to live.
> As one of the early "alt" process users, Phil received two Horace H.  
> Rackham Foundation grants, in 1967 and in 1974 for 
> investigation of historical photographic processes. He was 
> known to have used a rusty nail to coat platinum to prove 
> false the old belief that metal ferrule would ruin platinum. 
> He did extensive research before printing a limited edition 
> of platinum prints from noted cinematographer Karl Struss' 
> original glass negatives. His work is represented in numerous 
> public and private collections, including those of the 
> Detroit Art Institute, Chicago Art Institute, International 
> Museum of Photography at George Eastman House, and the Museum 
> of Modern Art.
> He will be missed.
> Sam Wang