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Re: printing gum on glass

On Sat, 14 Jul 2007, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

Anyone print gum on glass?  I was working on an example to disprove the myth
that printing on glass produces no midtones, a myth that seems to be
repeated in books and is based on the assumption that the surface is sooo
smooth with no bumps that it will not hold the midtones.
Christopher James's 2nd edition (due out late fall) has got a section on gum on glass, tho whether it answers these particular questions don't ask me right now, it's August, I mean July, in NYC. I'm hoping to improve to mere brain death. Someone who has James's first edition & can lay hands on it, might check. I have it, but don't know where anything around here is at this point -- am setting a new record for losing my keys.

As for myth busting -- lotsa luck, Chris. You can bury them at the crossroads with a silver stake through their heart & they Do Not Die !

However, since you ask, I have done some photographs -- tho don't ask me when I'll print them. Maybe never: NOTHING could be as thrillingly fey as the originals. Picture, for instance, an arched wooden door (relic I suspect of the '20s) with irregular freehand vertical stripes in high gloss yellow on grey undercoat, set in a cement wall of delicate pink, above a dirty sidewalk with random circles of ye olde paper plate and cups. A half hour later, I spotted the "artist" returned to his task, painting the whole thing solid yellow: ruined !

(The stripes were priming for some kind of filler. I did NOT tell the fellow he shouldn't paint gloss on gloss. He's supposed to know that.)