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Re: digital negatives and Epson printers

Take a look at this...

also at the bottom is a direct method for printing enlarged negs with color inksets...

it makes use of the fact that historical processes are largely insensitive to yellow -red light- and highly sensitive to
blue -green light...

I have not done this yet- but I am gearing up to it...

Sincerely, Richard Vallon Jr...

also there is a method which I am reading available for a fee at http://www.precisiondigitalnegatives.com

On Jul 17, 2007, at 12:33 AM, Erich Camerling wrote:

Hi Sandy,

Thank you very much for your answer about digital negatives (3 jul 2007)
You did advise : buy the Epson R 1800 (or 3800 or HP 9180) That is clear
but why "replace the inks with the Piezography K7 inkset" and how I have
"to dedicate to digital negatives".Is that an 1800 printer setting ?
Is there practical experience with clogging or just no-clogging over a
longer period of not using the printer (vacation !)with the K7 ink ?
That the beta-tester from Piezography reports : "WOW,no clogging" does
only mean for me that there is no clogging in the beginning .
Is it necessary to use QuadTone RIP ?
Hope you know the answers on my questions.