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Re: digital negatives and Epson printers


The reason you might want to replace the Epson ink set with the Piezography K7 inkset is to get more UV blocking than you can get with the Epson inks when printing in black composite. There you are limited to about log 2.05 UV, whereas with the Piezography inks you can get close to log 3.0.

The QTR RIP is not absolutely necessary with the R1800, unless you need more UV blocking density for your process as the black composite inks print very smoothly as is.

Sandy King

At 7:33 AM +0200 7/17/07, Erich Camerling wrote:
Hi Sandy,

Thank you very much for your answer about digital negatives (3 jul 2007)
You did advise : buy the Epson R 1800 (or 3800 or HP 9180) That is clear
but why "replace the inks with the Piezography K7 inkset" and how I have
"to dedicate to digital negatives".Is that an 1800 printer setting ?
Is there practical experience with clogging or just no-clogging over a
longer period of not using the printer (vacation !)with the K7 ink ?
That the beta-tester from Piezography reports : "WOW,no clogging" does
only mean for me that there is no clogging in the beginning .
Is it necessary to use QuadTone RIP ?
Hope you know the answers on my questions.