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Re: Potassium Bi/Dichromate

On Sun, 22 Jul 2007, Sandy King wrote:

Same thing George.
But with an interesting quirk... We usually refer to the *process* as Gum Bichromate printing, even today. But when speaking (or writing) about the chemical, we mostly, or at least often, say ammonium/ potassium *dichromate.*

Meanwhile, through a number of associations, this thread reminds me that my mail, yesterday or the day before, brought a "call for entries" from Soho Photo Gallery for its 2007 "Third Annual Alternative Processes Competition."

Juried by Tricia Rosenkilde, whom it bills as "artist, photographer and teacher." Up to five work prints may be submitted for a $40 entry fee.
An entry form may be obtained at www.sohophoto.com.

Causing me to add several comments:

When I was editing Women Artists News (1980s, if you could believe), we did not print announcements of calls for work that required a submission fee of more than, say, $5, considering them blatant fundraisers. (Post-Factory was too infrequent for the issue to be an issue.) Our position was that a *hanging* fee could be legitimate and appropriate, but a submission fee of more than $5 or so (to screen out the frivolous) was dubious at best.

Other artists' groups took the same position. In fact, if memory serves for events so very long ago, Art Workers News also editorialized strongly on the subject.

I note as well another curious aspect of this show: Work will be "judged from work prints" which may be "digital or traditional," no larger than 8.5 by 11 inches. The actual artwork may be up to 3 feet in either direction.

How, I wonder, would one make a workprint of a gum print, or, say, a daguerreotype? (But the "work print" gambit is because slides are obsolete and CDs/ digital files haven't been invented yet?)