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Re: Report from APIS. loooonnnnggg

It's probably just as well the group wasn't any larger given the temporary facility we were in. It worked out OK because everybody really wanted it to work out OK but I look forward to something much improved next time.

Had a great time despite some health problems. Hopefully that will be much improved next time as well!

I enjoyed all the talks, but my God John Guider can hold an audience. You could have heard a pin drop in that room because nobody wanted to miss a word. And then at the end the spell finally broke and it was like, hey, not that we care but what the heck did that have to do with alt process? And it's announced that oh, by the way, here's a huge stack of enormous platinum prints of what you just saw if you want to paw through them. Just incredible.

Rondal Partridge sending dozens of lovely prints through the audience and causing much chaos was also much fun.

One of the reasons I went is that I was hoping to see what a good gum print looked like and I was so happy to see Christina Anderson there. Just lovely work, all of it, not just the gum.

If anybody can post a quick summary of that copper process I'd appreciate it.

Doug (replies to dwade@eljay.org are more likely to be seen in a timely fashion)