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Re: I'm not sure how I feel about this but it certainly makes me pauseto reflect about the future of photography

Here's a link to what I wrote about it on June 13.
where I was mainly concerned about the possible impact on privacy etc of these developments - along with the creative possibilities.

So far as copyright is concerned, it is perhaps this kind of possibility which may be behind the kind of "orphan rights" legislation, which has suffered one set-back but it likely to eventually go through in some form or other.

So far as images on the web is concerned I think it will become essential to make sure that your copyright and contact information is included in the metadata of any files you post on the web. At a copyright seminar I attended earlier this year one one copyright lawyer well up in the field gave his opinion that (at least in the UK) the saving or manipulating of images in a way that removed such copyright data from them may constitute an offence under existing copyright law.

It is also worth reading carefully the small print on any sites - including photo sharing sites - that you upload and image to, to check that in uploading you are not assigning or otherwise restricting your copyright.

One UK photographer did take some time last year searching for his images on the web, and was able to claim and get around 25,000 UK pounds for unauthorised usage. Last time I saw him he was looking pretty pleased and I think had some new cameras.



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Don Bryant wrote:

That was the first issue that came to my mind, not to mention my deep
mistrust of Microsoft. They seem to be trying to conquer the photo world
through the Corbis collection. And they are also vying to get people to use
their standards for color management. In short I've just had too much
Microsoft crammed down my throat over the years.


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It would be very interesting to see how the copy-right issue figures into this technology. Are everyone's online pictures free for grabs?

Sam Wang

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From the geeks at Microsoft:


Don Bryant