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Re: bozeman MT alt stuff

Hi Thom,
I live here! I'd love to meet for coffee/give you a tour of my little alt lab at home or at the university. I also have a couple of students doing wonderful work that they could show you. But other than that, it's slim pickins. Are you heading up to the Formulary north of Missoula??

Also, if you are in town for the WEEK, there is the wonderful Sweet Pea festival this weekend that, can you believe, I have lived here 20 years and never been to because I go to MN the whole summer (except this one and last).

There are also many art galleries you can check out.

And our library has some great alt books :)

Let me know free times and I'll work around it.

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I'll be visiting Bozeman, MT with family this week and was wondering of any of the Alt listers are based there and if there is anything happening Alt-wise in or around Bozeman. Thanks, Thom