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RE: how to develope fotos on stones (granit)?

Hi Nihal, welcome!

I haven't printed on stone before -> but my educated (or "if I were in
your place") guess would be as following:

You can use polyurethane wood finish / clear acrylic medium to seal the
stone, then coat it with gelatin and finally apply the sensitizer.

I hope you'll get more authoritative answers from much more experienced
persons in this field...


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Subject: how to develope fotos on stones (granit)?

Dear all,

i just made my inscription to the list, hi to everybody, I´m Nihal. I
need to develope fotos on stones with Vandyke and Cianotipia tecnicks(or
other ones if you know) and i want to know if someone between you can
give me some information about the proces, i mean how to prepaer the
stone, how long i sould let them in water, and what kind of warnishing i
can put if i want to present them in open air places.  Is there anybody
with experience abouth the subject?

Thanks a lot,
Nihal Mumcu