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Re: Shooting long range negs?

On Thu, 9 Aug 2007, Ross Chambers wrote:

Dear Folk,

I'm trying to achieve salted prints from 5x7 camera negatives.
I'm a little hampered by regular lack of access to a densitometer
(occasional access is not impossible -- I just don't want to strain the
friendship until I feel more confident of results) so I'm eyeballing them as
best I can using the step wedge on the light box comparison method.
Ross, I taught hundreds of space cadet undergraduates to do all of it with "the step wedge on the light box" method... if we're talking about the same thing... If you go to www.alternativephotography.com/books/js_post_factory.html page 38-41 there are instructions & diagrams (downloadable free as pdf) -- tho maybe you did that already?

True, the densitometer is quicker... but for teaching purposes at least, I thought the "white card on the light box" was better.


Ross Chambers
Blue Mountains
New South Wales