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Re: Starting question - how to cut metal plate?

That is quite thick copper (around 1mm + thick), and if you are able to cut
it with (very good) sheers it will be almost impossible to keep a straight
line, and the sheet will not be flat after you cut it. You need to find
someone with a guillotine to cut the sheets you require. The metal supplier
might cut it for you, or a small manufacturing jeweller, or even an
electronics works might have one. You could probably succesfully cut the
corners with a pair of sheers and the sheet remain flat, but the quickest
most accurate and best outcome is to use a guillotine.

good luck

From: "Aslan Ivo"

> Hi all
> I am starting in copper plate photogravure and was
> wondering how to cut the 16-18 gauge sheets of copper?
> Getting a Pexto squaring jump shear is out of the
> question - those things weigh a ton and there's no way
> I could get one into my apartment. How about a
> dremel-like tool - clean straight cuts?
>  I won't be making anything larger than 11x14 inches,
> and I guess I'll have to get the copper sheets precut
> to that size to begin with - but after the plate is
> etched I want to be able to snip the edges as needed
> to suit the size of the image and to remove the step
> wedge. Do you know of a benchtop shear that can handle
> these plates? I know of people who have shears but I
> really dont want to go back and forth to their place
> to use their shears if there is an easier way.
> Thanks!
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