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RE: Sheet metal cutting

Get the MSDS sheet for gaseous and aerosol copper and various oxides of copper before recommending that.  You can outsource the work to some sign-makers though, who have plasma cutters.


As far as accuracy is concerned, sawing is just fine, and as accurate as the equipment you use.  Do rough cuts how you want, and finish on a table saw with a fence. (and proper blades).


Oh, yeah, regarding sawing, copper dust is poisonous, too.  As is liquid ferric chloride with copper guk in it.  And the fumes from it.  Probably won’t kill you your first time out, or your 1000th.  But wear gloves and a mask anyway.


But try the $22.00 solution first.  After you decide to never do that to yourself again, have your metalshop shear it for you.


            - Dan


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well, you could always go to electronic discharge  cutting.... hehehehe

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OK Mark, Sure, but the difference in cost is enormous and mechanisation in the form of bandsaw or jigsaw is not as accurate as a draw tool used manually.

           Any more suggestions from anyone in an inventive frame of mind?

             This could be a real big issue.


               John- Photographist - London - UK

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