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RE: Inkpress Transparency Film


That's encouraging news. I'll purchase a pack and give it a try.



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Hi Don,

Funny you should ask. I'm teaching a pt/pd workshop at the moment and 
just made the first neg on the Inkpress Transparency Film. The neg looks 
GREAT! It's holding a lot of ink with no puddling and comes in sheets. 
There does seem to be a bit of red cast in the neg so that may add an 
optical density that requires curve tweaking. So far I'm impressed.

The URL is www.inkpresspaper.com

Hope this helps!


Don Bryant wrote on 8/11/07, 7:31 PM:

 > Fellow Listers,
 > Has anyone used Inkpress Transparency Film sold at inkjetart.com for
 > making
 > inkjet digital negatives?
 > Here is the URL listing the transparency materials available:
 > http://www.inkjetart.com/inkpress_paper/Inkpress_Transparency_Film.html
 > Thanks,
 > Don Bryant