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Re: OT: HDR and Tone Mapping B&W Images

Hi Don
The Sky effect comes from playing(maybe over playing) with the tone-mapping settings. I have added a image that has not been over manipulated and it is much more natural. I only used 7 images at one stop intervals so it may be different if you use more images. The images that I am doing for work are interiors with windows and I have been able to correctly balance the interior and the exterior using this program as well as it gives an almost painting with light appearance. I had not done any B&W until 10 minutes ago. There is an example in my Face book file.

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Interesting work. One thing I do have a problem with that I see in a lot of HDR work and in your examples (particularly in the third shot) are the heavy effects in the sky areas. Is that due to the tone mapping? Is there any way to get around that? And have you done any B&W work with HDR? All of the shots work pretty good though.







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Hi Don

I have just started with Photometrix Pro and have some interesting results. Note, they have a very good educational discount if you are eligible. Here are 3 images on my facebook site that were just for fun. I also have some images on my computer that I need to do for work. Photometrix is easy to work with and its alt, sort of. I thing that I first read about it in an article by Dan:

Thanks Dan


Here's the three pictures.




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Dear Fellow Listees,


This is way off topic but is anyone using PS or Photomatix software to

create HDR Tone Mapped black & white images?




Don Bryant