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Re: OT: HDR and Tone Mapping B&W Images

sam wang escribió:
Hi Don,

Not in black and white specifically but I have been using Photomatrix for some time. Worked well.

But if you use Photoshop CS3, the HDR built into it very much resembles Photomatrix'. Maybe even mo better. This is from quite limited experience however.

For black and white only, 16 bit from RAW just about covers everything you might need, I think. Unless you go for the ultra HDR look.

Sam Wang

On Aug 14, 2007, at 10:42 PM, Don Bryant wrote:

Dear Fellow Listees,

This is way off topic but is anyone using PS or Photomatix software to
create HDR Tone Mapped black & white images?


Don Bryant

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Hi all:
Here a connection where one can see an image carried out by means of HDR in b&n, digital version. I have just finished one in version kalitípia and I want more to make other in version gum over kalitipia. Pardon for my English, text translated by computer.