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Re: Panoramic Digital Negatives

Hi Rodolfo and Mike,

It's allways the absolute pixel numbers that count here! PPI (pixels per inch and not dpi, because we are talking about pixels not dots) is allways relaltive to your output mode(screen, printer, cellphone, iPod etc.). When stichtching, height and width of your final image are determined by the sum of the pixel number you input minus (the neccesary) overlap and (un)warping loss by the stichching algorithm. But you can tell PTgui or PTMac the exact number of pixels it has to output and it down- or even upsamples (by inventing pixels) it for you.

PTMac is a Mac GUI for the panotools library and PTGui was originally a PC version buti now has also Mac version too. Both apps are excellent tools, with a somewhat high learning curve though. Photoshop CS3 merging is very easy to use.


On 19-aug-2007, at 1:05, Rodolpho Pajuaba wrote:

I donīt know about PTMac, but Iīm a first time user of PTGui, and it does not maintain the original dpi - but, may I tell you, i does not matter, as long as the total pixel count does not change. dpi is a measure of the resolution of output, it does not alter the amount of pixels your image has. It will only matter if you send your file to a software like Quark, or InDesign, that takes in account this data. When you send it to your inkjet printer, a Lambda or a Frontier, they will adjust the resolution according to the size you ask to print.
Rodolpho Pajuaba

Kees Brandenburg escreveu:
PTgui www.ptgui.com
PTMac www.kekus.com
And Photoshop CS3 does excellent stitching/merging with the much improved photomerge tool
kees too
On 18-aug-2007, at 18:52, Mike Kirwan wrote:
I have been experimenting with Arcsoft Panorama 4 and very pleased with the "positive" results. Now I am importing into Photoshop to convert to a digital negative and while all works well the output from this software is always pegged at 200 dpi regardless of the original dpi of the images. Anyone know of a panoramic stitching software that maintains the original dpi?