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On Sun, 19 Aug 2007, Katharine Thayer wrote:
. ... My understanding is that freeform gum printing
is when the same negative is used to print several color layers, the color being applied selectively on the various layers to provide the separation of color, rather than an entire color layer being applied, and then printed selectively by exposing through color separations. So a freeform color print might be made by using one black and white negative and selective use of color layers on parts of the image to approximate a color print. Hamish has done very nice freeform color gum prints of this type, also Sarah Van Keuren.
I've never come across that term, but tend to do something similar I call "fake real color": successive coats from one b&w neg in different colors, brushing out colors not wanted during development, also outlining areas to be a particular color with broad area of gum arabic, letting dry, then coating with desired color, & exposing under b&w neg, etc. (I've written about & illustrated this in P-F.... With sufficient care, pains, luck, skill. etc, it can pass for "real," or even better, since in some ways has more control.)