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RE: Purity & Prices

I have very little experience with albumen printing, but I would bet that 99.99% is sufficient purity. As a matter of fact such a high purity of silver nitrate would not have been used at the turn of century when albumen was practiced. Even 99.9% would exceed standards used back then.

Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007 00:41:05 -0500
From: emanphoto@gmail.com
Subject: Purity & Prices
To: alt-photo-process-l@usask.ca

I was just doing some online searches for silver nitrate crystals and 1% gold chloride solution and I found that the prices can vary widely.  $30-54 for 100 mls for the Au and .60 -.99 per gram for the silver.

With the silver nitrate, the purity affects the price a lot but doesn't seem to be a big difference in terms of purity. 

My question to the group is, does a purity difference of 99.99% vs 99.995% make enough of a difference for albumen printing?  My guess is that it doesn't but I wanted to check with the experts first!  This purity difference makes a $30 difference in the price of 100 grams of AgNO3.

Also, has anyone had any experience with saltlakemetals.com?


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