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Choosing a printer for digi-negs

I am mostly a lurker but hope a few have an opinion that can help guide me on choosing an inkjet printer.

I print Palladium with Na2 and experimenting with Kallitype. I have been using traditional 8x10 negs for about a year, using an Amergraph plateburner. I am interested in experimenting with a hybrid process, and using digitally created negs.

I'd like to find a printer in the $200-$300 range. I don't really want to invest a heck of lot of $$ before I know that I like this workflow. I see that at one time the Epson 1280 was recommended. I can buy one of these refurbished for $225. The other recommended printers seem to be more expensive. Is there anything besides a refurb'd 1280 that I should consider in the under $300 range?

Thanks for any guidance,
Neal Wilson