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RE: New Blog on the block


With those factors rendered identical after an initial soak, any paper, 
including probably newsprint will be "dimensionally stable."

Which is to say, the photographer is trained.

(My own tests show that  UNLESS treatment is thus identical, NO paper is 
"dimensionally stable.")

Hmmm, did I forget to clip the messages from Loris and Katharine? Obviously
a mistake by me and my post was not related to their discussion about
freeform gum.

I can't speak for the blogger that wrote the article but I'll guess that by
dimensionally stable they meant that the paper can easily be used for multi
layer gum over palladium printing without worry of registering and
re-registering a negative of whole plate size. 

For me, when I shrink BFK for gum printing I give the parent sheets two
shrinkings which seems to work good enough for multiple layers of gum