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RE: Camille Favre

This is very sad  indeed.

Christian Nze and Jean-Marc Dugas took me to his home in the suburbs of Paris in late Sept. 2001. Camille was very kind and showed me his carbon works and  shared all his formulas and secrets with me.

It was very inspirational to see Camille toodle around in his wheel chair working furiously.  He had lost the use of his legs  in an automobile accident, which to him, was no impediment at all. Camille also spent time teaching photography to the children in his neighborhood.

Camille made unique one-of –a-kind carbon prints which were only sheets of gelatin images, not mounted on paper or glass,  which he mounted in iron frames as if they were made of glass.

Camille is a man, a true genius, who should be better known.

--Dick Sullivan



From: Philippe Berger [mailto:mineurdecharbon@skynet.be]
Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2007 9:02 AM
To: Carbon; Photo alt
Subject: Camille Favre


My friends,

I regret to announce you the death of the French photographer Camille Favre.
We lose a friend and a very big photographer.

I don't if my translate is good

I write also in French, i hoe you understand.


J'ai Le regret de vous annoncer Le décès du photographe français Camille Favre.

Nous perdons un ami et un très grand photographe. 

Best regards


Philippe Berger (Belgium)

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