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Artistico Unsized?

I'm quite tired from the war I fought to be able to register the
negative in order to make multiple layer gum prints on thin (70gsm) Masa
paper (null / zero success!) and will switch to 300gsm Fabriano
Artistico. (Old version or new Traditional White - if I'm not totally
confusing the disctintion.)

Do you think it's enough to pre-shrink the paper (using cold - I mean
room temperature - water, not hot) for making 3-4 layers of gum? (5
layers at max.) Or, should I definitely size it? I hate the idea of
sizing paper, it's messy and slow (I don't have enough drying room for
sizing in batches).

I always try to use transparent / semi-transparent and non-staining /
semi-staining colors. (Schmincke brand - it's the only artist quality
watercolour paint I can find in tubes here in Istanbul.) I never got
staining on unsized Masa paper - unless few cases where I used an
overpigmented emulsion. Is it a good indicator that they won't stain
with Artistico too?

Yes, I know I should try and see for myself -> but I really want to have
a nice gum print by the end of the week (I don't have Sunday for
printing -> will be at Istanbul Park for the F1 race) and have little
time. So, hearing some experiences would be good.

BTW, I use digital negatives calibrated for 2A+1B traditional cyanotype
(on Masa Paper) and they work fantastically. I decided to never, never
try to calibrate for different colors, dichromate and pigment strengths
with gum because:
a) I don't have neither time nor patience to achieve this.
b) More than one negative per image is too costly to me. (I had to
switch to Pictorico since I use HP 9180 for making my negatives and I'm
short of Pictorico. Plus, it's bloody expensive compared to Ultrafine.)

Thanks in advance,