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Re: bromoil boot camp

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Subject: Re: bromoil boot camp
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2007 12:48:01 GMT

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>>Did you have to take any Bromoil Seltzer?
>>Best Wishes,
>>Mark Nelson
>Nope, but I DID have the wonderful benefit of having a
>physician chemist in the class (he practices occupational
>hazard medicine or some such thing) and he regaled us with
>everything photographic as it relates to hazards. 
>Apparently, potassium bromide that we use in bromoil is
>none other than that used to "calm nerves" down back in the
>day!  I shoulda drank it.
>He even went so far as to type up two pages of stuff about
>the chemical workings behind the process.  A smart man. 
>Jim Patterson, lives in New Orleans.
>I also, of course, pumped him for all sorts of info on gum
>printing :).
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Assistant Professor of Photography
Photography Option Coordinator
Montana State University
College of Arts and Architecture
Department of Media and Theatre Arts, Room 220
P.O. Box 173350
Bozeman, MT 59717-3350
Tel (406) 994 6219

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