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Re: Mowiol for gum

Just dropped into this thread, but...
As a native Arizonan,
I believe I read long ago that mesquite gum was acceptable (and 
used to be collected), and several species of acacia thrive in 
Arizona. We were familiar with gobs of sap hanging below damaged 
or stressed limbs. Maybe somebody who still lives there could make 
a few bucks.
  - John Edwards, Vancouver, WA, USA

> Just for info:
> A time ago a book was published by a dutch writer about 
> gum-arabic;  not in respect to gum printing, just out of 
> curiosity she was  fascinated by the history of it, the fact that 
> it is still not  possible to plant acacia trees in order to 
> 'produce' gum. People have  to look for places in some areas of 
> Africa to find the stuff; it  becomes more and more something 
> like gold. She describes the use of  gum over the years and the 
> astonishing fact  was that until now  industry is not able to 
> produce a chemical substitue for gum in the  food industry.
> Cheers,
> Henk