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RE: Masa papers was Artistico Unsized?

Hi Jean,

I buy it from Jerry's Artarama:
https://www.jerrysartarama.com/art-supply/catalogs/016578A000000 (USD 65
for 100 21x31" sheets)

HP9180 is indeed a very good printer (for both digital negatives and
regular prints). My only complaint about it is: it doesn't work well
with Ultrafine -> I have to pay premium for Pictorico. Ultrafine + 1290
was a wonderful combo for making negatives (but no good for prints since
inks are dye based). I should note that digital negatives made with
HP9180 on Pictorico gives slightly more grain compared to negatives made
with 1290 on Ultrafine.

Anyway... Good luck with your 9180.


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Hi Loris,

Your enthusiasm about Masa paper seems quite communicative  ;-)

Where do you buy it ?  (I know you are in Turkey; I'm in France). Maybe,
you've already posted your source on this list but I can't remember 
and i did not take time tp search for it in the Archives.

By the way, I'm happy to know that you use HP 9180 to print your digital

negatives. I just bought one ; it arrived some days ago and is still in
box  (I'm not sure where I'll put it because it needs some room !).
Seems to 
be an excellent printer; i read a lot about it and various ICC profiles
the Yahoo group "HP9100 Series" dedicated to this printer.

Cheeers from france
Jean Daubas

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> BTW, I should explain why I'm so obsessed with Masa:
> - It's cheap, incredibly cheap
> - It dries quick, very quick
> - It doesn't need sizing because - in my practice - it doesn't get 
> stained whatever exposure time, whatever pigment amnt. you use...