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Back about 1996, after much research, I found a company that would make wire
wound bromoil brushes for us on special order. As it turns out this English
company had made bromoil brushes over 100 years, ago and made the ones for
us just as they had in the past, hand made and wire wound. I was amazed that
we could get real honest to goodness bromoil brushes. A 7/8 inch is priced
at $120.00 and the smaller sizes at proportionally less. All things
considered, it is not hard to find good water color brushes in this price
range at an art supply store. 

Over the years I have of people who have found ancient sets of bromoil
brushes that had been stored for close to a century or more. In one case, if
I recall correctly, the brushes were caked with rock hard ink. With cleaning
and proper brush treatment, they refurbished like new. 


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According to dictionary.com, Fitch is the European polecat, Mustela
The fitch brush is much softer and finer than the standard hog hair
brush. It's used mainly for finishing images and fine detail work. It
can be very effective used alone on an image for a long, smooth tonal
range without the more coarse, grainy look of a traditional Bromoil.
The Fitch brush David sells on his website is excellent - as is the
Hog hair brush.

On 8/27/07, Don Bryant <dsbryant@bellsouth.net> wrote:
> Mark,
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> The primary brush is made of hog
> hair and Fitch for finer work. His site is www.bromoil.com
> >
> What is a Fitch?
> Thanks,
> Don Bryant