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RE: Artistico Unsized?

I've prepared two sheets yesterday evening (actually 3, with one I did
this morning -> to see if the sray nozzle gets clogged overnight):
Absolutely no problems; adhesion is instantaneous / very smooth / the
paper keeps its mirror-smooth surface appearance and the combination
sheet doesn't bend in any direction.

I used the spray according to the instructions -> before using I shaked
the can vigorously and aligned the nozzle to the black mark on the can,
and after using, I inverted the can and sprayed until no adhesive comes
out (a 1 - 2 second burst is enough)... It doesn't give me problems -


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From: Don Bryant [mailto:dsbryant@bellsouth.net] 
Sent: Tuesday, August 28, 2007 5:56 PM
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My experience with 3M Photo Mount Spray Adhesive was very
unsatisfactory. The spray nozzle likes to clog and the adhesion isn't
smooth as one would hope. I just threw two cans out with hopelessly
clogged nozzles.

Don Bryant

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From: Loris Medici [mailto:mail@loris.medici.name] 
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I found a product called "3M Photo Mount Adhesive Spray" and will try
this to mount a thin paper (Masa, 70gsm - that should make something
like 32-33lbs...) to 0.125mm thick Yupo stock. Will return later to tell
you whether it works or not...