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Re: Anyone doing autochrome?

I'm surprised you didn't suggest doing albumen prints.  (But then it wouldn't be a yoke....)


Ender100@aol.com wrote:
ca8.150e33d7.34072415@aol.com" type="cite">Maybe there is a variant of dichromate and potato starch you could do..... use a van dyke color and call them hash browns....

In a message dated 8/29/07 2:00:10 PM, bkleider@sihope.com writes:

Thanks to all who responded about doing autochrome. It's been interesting.

I've decided it's WAY too much like real work. Also, the probability that a bunch of 10th graders with no darkroom experience might succeed is in the single digits....

<Sigh> I had a wonderful image of seeing their little eyeballs pop out when I told them we were going to make photos out of potatoes...

I'm still looking for new tricks, but this won't be one of them. At least not yet.


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