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Re: bromoil boot camp

hehehehe Peg, that was roast what? hehehehe

Well, Peg is tellin' the truth, not only does she make great art, but she is one hell of a cook!

She can also skin a bull!  Literally!  And she can shoot the bull! hehehehe

By the way, I think that was another Mark on the list that Don was talking to, but still great to hear from you!

PS:  I found out later with Sam, Sandy, Chris and others that Tennessee also has some mean damn chiggers! 

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson
Precision Digital Negatives

In a message dated 8/29/07 7:01:50 PM, pfredi@bellsouth.net writes:

well mark, as you know tennessee has the first roadkill law  that says if you hit it you can eat it. and we
eat them down here. remember that roast i fixed for you while you were here.......well........ you really
liked that one/////

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