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Re: First layer...

Hi Loris,

That's a really nice first layer. Your coating is really smooth and the image is quite surreal. I can't wait to see the finished product



On Aug 25 2007, Loris Medici wrote:


The paper is finally dry (or, almost dry since it's 30C 65% in my
darkroom right now!) below you may find links to see the print:

Re-sized scan:
http://www.loris.medici.name/gum/loris_gum_1st_layer_sm.jpg (159k)

Cropped 100% 300dpi scan:
http://www.loris.medici.name/gum/loris_gum_1st_layer_crop.jpg (43k)
(Very good detail! Can you see the man? I think he's smoking... Can
you see the fine lines of the fire escape?)

Re-sized scan (with diagram showing the crop):
http://www.loris.medici.name/gum/loris_gum_1st_layer_diagram.jpg (161k)

This is one-coat (will do further coats later) Schmincke Ivory Black.
Print size is 25 x 16cm or 9 13/16 x 6 5/16".

I'm very impressed. I got incredible shadow detail with my 2A+1B Trad.
Cyanotype curve designed for Masa Paper. Shadow detail is even better
than the Cyanotype version. Image is softer than Cyanotype but the
detail is still there...


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