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slime, borax, and copper printing


Below, Jim answered my email and says he will send me the copper print info, so I'll pass it on at that time. As re: slime, GAK, and hardening gum or colloid, read below. Interestingly, if I remember correctly boric acid does not harden gelatin whereas it does gum, and formaldehyde does not harden gum whereas it does gelatin. I have no idea why this is so but find it interesting.

"Borax is sodium borate, the sodium salt of boric acid. borax is commonly used with slime, but boric acid works also. Boric acid is a weak acid and slightly soluble. Borax is slightly alkaline. you can also use a combination of borax and boric acid and get a neutral solution. Borax or boric acid will crosslink with many gums, polyvinyl alcohol, and PVA glue (Elmer's)"

"I am working on a paper on 2 processes for the copper print."

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