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Same image (printed on unsized Artistico)

Hi all,

I wanted to show you the same image (taking the risk of boring you) printed on unsized Artistico (three layers, finished). Here's the link:

Will try to print on sized paper later -> the result is fine, but there's a veil in the highlights (as Christina described). BTW, printing on sized Masa was a disaster; the first layer was very nice (with cleaner specular highlights) but the second layer flaked incredibly. (I erased it by brushing, will try a second time with much less pigment and a thinner coat...)

As you can see, Artistico wins hands down in both smoothness and sharpness. The tonality is close to what I get with pop palladium (Pd still has the edge of course!).

I'm pretty happy with the result. I'm so exited with the whole new world in front of me; duotone, tritone, even quadtone prints, choice of many color(s)... I just want to thank you all (again) for sharing knowledge / experience with others!