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Re: dying printer

I am trying artificial respiration- although it may have breathed its last. Like a much loved pet, I am not ready to replace it yet.However...Everyone's thoughts on replacing it would be good because I really only make diginegs with it. Hopefully it wouldn't be too heavy on ink and take transparency material quite well. Thanks to Loris for his input. Hellena
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Hi Helena,

Just forgot to tell :


On 3 sep 2007, at 15:53, Hellena Cleary wrote:

I am desperate to save my dying printer. It is an Epson 2900 with Windows 98 as the operating system. The black ink and the power light are flashing alternatively. The status monitor system comes up with an error communication message. The Epsom website has not deigned to respond. I suppose at 6 years of age, this is a senior printer. Anyone have any ideas? I believe in the kill or cure approach. Hellena