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RE: alt exhibit

Well I think it sucks that inkjet prints are allowed in the Alt. Process
show. Also I don't understand why a photograph made with a Zone Plate Camera
is considered alt.

My 2 cents,

Don Bryant

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Wait.  Maybe that would be thanks to who ever did that, not whom  
ever.  Is it whom or who?  I think the correct use is who.  Not sure,  
but thanks anyway.
On Sep 5, 2007, at 7:43 PM, Daniel Williams wrote:

> zphoto@montana.net wrote:
>> Hi all, There are a number of people on this list in this show--I
>> was offlist for a bit while at Penland and don't know if
>> someone announced it, but here is the link that shows the
>> exhibit.
>> Chris
>> http://www.c4fap.org/exhibitions/2007Alternative/index.htm
> I see the page has now been altered to show the process used.
> Dan Williams

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