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RE: shrinking Masa

Hi Rajul, what happened? Did you get milder / no registration problems
or are you completely free of them?

BTW, the tests / prints I shared before were all made on pre-shrinked
paper. I was still getting to much size variation / no perfect

I don't soak Masa paper more than 5-10 minutes since it's so thin and
gets thorougly wet in just few moments.

My understanding of shrinking is to let the paper absorb as much water
as it can (in other words saturate it) and then dry it. I don't think
that any paper would benefit a soak more than 30 minutes unless it's
extremely heavy (such as > 282lbs / 600gsm) and / or is heavily sized.
BTW, I don't understand why people pre-shrink in hot water and/or for
hours -> that would be harmful to the original sizing!? Of course I may
be completely wrong here -> I'm sure someone will correct me and/or
explain why they're doing so...


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Hi all,

As a way to address the registration problem with the above paper, and 
an attempt to bypass the Yupo - 3M adhesive solution, I shrank Masa in 
room temp water, mat face up after wetting both sides.

A 90 min shrinking was reasonably effective and did not abrade the 
surface. A 12 hour shrinking was detrimental to its integrity and 
coated unevenly with the cyano emulsion. I will shrink for longer than 
90 min to see if it will permit even more accurate registration and 

Incidentally, 3M have responded to my request to help me with the most 
appropriate product to use for affixing Masa to Yupo by asking me for 
more detailed info. I am hoping that I do not have to go the Yupo 
route, though it was a good thought!