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RE: Saving ink

On Wed, 5 Sep 2007, Don Bryant wrote:


Maintain a constant RH of about 50% if possible. Turn your printer on once a
week and print a nozzle check on cheap copy paper. Place a drop or two of
Windex on the parking pad every couple of weeks.

Don, Yves... I think a variables test is called for here, tho I don't know the more advanced printers, I bet it's still the same... I pay $5 a cartridge plus or minus shipping from Xtra cartridges .com... don't know if the chipping of new printer cartridges prevents that, but I understand there are ways.... My tests as far as I could tell with simulated passage of time (extended exposure to sunlight & UV light, though not oven & other aging tests) showed the 3rd party as archival as the original (at 1/5th the cost).