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Re: Beware of Amazon.com

On Friday 07 September 2007 14:44, Judy Seigel wrote:
> Some months ago, a colleague e-mailed to tell me that Amazon.com was
> charging $150 for, I think it was Reilly's book of Albumen & Salted Paper
> printing.


Those are offered on Amazon but none of those sellers are Amazon. It's small 
bookshops using Amazon instead of Abe.

> But today, speaking with my friend, publisher of Midmarch Press (small
> press that umbrella-ed Post-Factory, among others), I learn that Amazon is
> charging $150 for Midmarch's most recent book, which is actually priced at
> $25 (deliberately low, so artists can afford it). She learned this from
> the book's editor, who called, distraught, because a friend of *hers* had
> tried to buy it and been quoted that price.

	I'm not sure which book this is so can't check but it's likely the same 

	It's not just the potentially high prices for non-Amazon sellers on Amazon. 
If you aren't carefull you risk high shipping. Just assuming it's coming from 
Amazon when in fact it isn't. But then even Abe books can have some strange