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RE: Beware of Amazon.com


But for a specialty book, as for instance "Club without Walls," it's most 
likely ordered one at a time. Amazon's rule is that it must be shipped 
within 24 hours, which is going to cost the publisher at least $6, more 
likely $7 ... plus of course the 60% discount from the cover price... so 
unless the book is priced at over $40, the publisher will clear only $10, 
which has to cover cost to print AND a royalty to the author (however 
pitifully small).

I've noticed a trend with certain kinds of books, specifically books on
photography, the authors are setting up special web sites to promote and
sell their book. Sometimes this is in conjunction with selling through
Amazon.com and sometimes not.

Amazon.com has great brand recognition now so it's hard for a writer to
ignore the potential sales through their site.

But I find myself going to Amazon more and more to check the prices of new
camera equipment and other items not related to books. Frequently items are
sold at very competitive prices with free shipping. So I can't knock Amazon
too harshly. As a customer all of my prices have bee very positive.