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kirkland redux

Good morning! I love Saturday.

A final word on the Kirkland paper. I printed a bunch of images this week to mordancage and it is very sharp. In fact, an image that I oversharpened in Photoshop is equally oversharpened on the Kirkland-negative BW print, so there is very little loss in sharpness with this paper used as a negative. I will continue to use it as a negative substrate for BW and, in fact, now when I teach alt processes in the spring have decided to teach negative curve calibration first in BW with this substrate and then move on to the alt. I always taught cyanotype first with the calibration process but now that BW is alt :).....seriously, though, the variables are tighter and quicker to do in BW than cyano even. And, at 12 cents a sheet I can practically GIVE the paper away to the students!!

I still will try one as a neg for gum but haven't yet.

If anyone is interested in a scan comparison of a 1x1 pixel, 2x2 pixel, 3x3
pixel, and 4x4 pixel grid printed on BW paper with ink jet paper vs.
Pictorico I can send it offlist. I hope to get it up on my website but it is not there yet.

The difference in sharpness
between the two is pretty negligible to the eye in a print but in a scan of
a quarter inch square of these test targets you can see a slight difference
between the two...not enough to make me not use it as a BW negative
substrate though.

Another thing--on the side box the Kirkland is 10.4ml thick whereas on the
link to Don's ink jet paper there is one, the Micro Ceramic Gloss Lite, that
is 8ml thick, so it very well could be even sharper. It is 25 cents a sheet
compared to Kirkland at 12 cents a sheet, though!


Now, out into my garage to mordancage the morning away!


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