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Re: ''Alternative Subjects?'' Off Topic Fun

Title: Re: ''Alternative Subjects?'' Off Topic Fun
Hi Ross,
 Great to hear from a fellow member of The Cloud Appreciation Society. I am No. 5265, but I am a little reticent about continuing  our correspondence on this  Photo Alt List. I have been a  member  from the early 1990's, and  have seen almost every topic you could imagine discussed, here.  So,  why not? It seems to be the accepted norm, now i.e. allowing the other 600 plus subscribers to eavesdrop for whatever motive.
                 It would be interesting to see whether using an alt process might ,for some, enhance the subject of clouds. 
                  I do have ''The Cloud Spotters Guide''.  However, ''The Idler.'' is new to me. I will investigate further. Cloud spotting for me is as theraputic a passtime as messing about with photographic processes.
                    Should we get this subject off this list?
Apologies to those who may find this intrusive.
Quirky John - Photographist - London - UK.
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Sent: Sunday, September 09, 2007 8:40 AM
Subject: Re: ''Alternative Subjects?'' Off Topic Fun

Dear Mr Grocott,

As member 7562 of the Cloud Appreciation Society I may represent those interested in both clouds and alt processes. As clouds are often to be found in the landscapes appealing to me, it seems that it could make sense to understand them better, if only to help predict their behaviour between loading film and finding an attractive vantage point.

The founder of the Society, Gavin Pretor-Pinney, has published a comprehensive and very readable book, "The Cloudspotter's Guide."

He is co-founder and creative director of "The Idler" magazine and has published a book on that subject.

There does seem to be some correspondence between cloud spotting and idling; making the effort to photograph them as well could be supererogatory for a true idler:-)

Regards - Ross Chambers

Blue Mountains
New South Wales

on 8/9/07 1:25, John Grocott at john.grocott403@ntlworld.com wrote:

These cloud people are, obviously, concerned primarily with the subjects of the photographs rather than the processes used to make them.Thought it sounded fun, tho'.
Please excuse the off topic nature of this posting.
John - Photographist - London - UK

''There is a little photography book of clouds in the shape of things, all of
which have been contributed by members of the Cloud Appreciation Society.
It will be coming out on 20 September in the UK and on 6 November in the
US. The photographs are fantastic, and include clouds in the shape of
everything from dogs barking to flying saucers, from the face of Salvador
Dali to the Michelin Man robbing a bank.
   Quirky, pocket-sized and (we think) very funny. We are very grateful to all
the members who have contributed their fine photos to the collection.''

Ross Chambers
Blue Mountains
New South Wales