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How Independent Are We, Really?

Judy's and Don's points taken,  but ''alternative'' photo processes could certainly not exist without the good old lens and camera, and how much is owed to the research and development  done by individuals and exploited by vast companies in that basic field of photography? It's  commercial  Life. The advent of the domestic box brownie and the like. The roll film and then the Oscar Barnac 35mm camera  using motion picture film. We have always been ''at the mercy'' of the factory setup. The production of B/W bromide paper established a normality  of  print processing and  a ''mainstream'' mode of photography.  A  massive dependence! !  Now we seem to feel that  present technology  is a form of control over these past accepted ways of  making pictures. I do feel that most strongly when I have to discard a bunch of electronic garbage because it cannot be viably repaired. Same with cameras, altho' only recently did I buy one and its still working tho' its almost obsolete and the damned thing needs batteries which the Nikon FM 2 never did. But its great to have an easily captured digital record of the kids on holiday. They are certainly not ''alternative''.
            As Seymour Krim once remarked, ''Use what you've got and use what you aint got, too.
   Oh, well.  Lets struggle on with the F / Art. That's where the cash is. Hehehehe!
Quirky John- Photographist - London - UK.