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Re: Why Use Photo Alt Processes?

What an interesting discussion.
I have just been reading a John Szarkowski interview published in Focus
Magazine in May 2007.  Some things happen more slowly in New Zealand.  In a
passage concerning his adverse response to 'gigantic prints' Szarkowski
    "... photographic materials - especially color materials - are not
instrinsically beautiful - not like marble, or tapestry, or bronze, or paint
on canvas.  They look instead like something manufactured out of petroleum
and soybeans in factories that cause serious pollution problems. The
traditional solution to that problem has been to make the print - the object
itself - invisible."
Practitioners of alt photography seem to be addressing this same problem
when they use handwork and alchemy to make the print itself look
non-industrial, or post-factory if you will.
Don Sweet

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> Judy,
> >
> That by the way is among reasons I wouldn't include inkjet prints as
> "alternative."  As soon as technology moves on, and it will one way or
> another, they'll be over -- or at least the kind we can run off and modify
> ourselves could be.  (Another reason being that they're hardly
> "alternative," but seem to be verging on mainstream -- tho that's a
> different e-mail.)
> >
> I can imagine discussions on the List 50 or 75 years from now. Topics such
> as, "Has Anyone Made Their Own Inkjet Printer, Carts, and Ink?". I'll bet
> happens someday.
> Don