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''Alternative'' Titles for Subjects

Some of us may have come accross the work of Jean Macalpine who still uses film cameras, bromide paper developing and non- archival toning processes. Many of her subjects are taken in stone quaries in Menorca, the Balearic island where she now lives.
                        Jean was almost alone in exhibiting her photographs of abstract imagery in the Royal Academy of Art in London for many years and I admired the fact they stood  their ground with much of the other art there in various media. I would class her work as ''alternative'' because of the titles she ascribes to her images because, in them, as with clouds, she sees suggestions of other  visual experiences.
               Appart from the multi toned colouring Jean uses there are no other alterations in the products of her camera lens.
               Some of the titles are quite humorous.
Have a look. Google will get you there.
              Gone fishing.
Quirky John - Photographist - London - UK.