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Thanks for sharing this, John--really nice images. I also think your cloud thread was wonderful--I never knew there was a cloud society.

I saw a show recently of abstracts like this (not quite this caliber) with some car rust imagery and the artist had matted them traditionally with white mats and printed them about 16" square. These works to me look sooo much better printed large and flush mounted, or even diasec mounted, so nothing interferes with the experience of sort of walking into the piece--I don't know of another way to describe that feeling. Then again, I have a student who is doing such abstracts printed about 1 1/2 by 2 1/2 inches, really small, in white mats, that are awfully intimately beautiful.

I don't feel like a dinosaur doing alt but I am beginning to feel like a dinosaur teaching a whole class this semester in wet darkroom stuff. It definitely feels it is becoming "the new alt". In past years the darkroom used to be filled with students always (20 stations) and now maybe I see 3 in there at any one time...out of 130 majors.
PS boy did I have fun doing mordancages this weekend; that certainly is alt! I did all outside in full on direct sun and got some unique lavender colors. Plus a suntan to go along with it. AND preserved my lungs from chemistry. I think if Ilford/Harmann quits making MGIV paper I will shoot myself because it is the bestest/snottiest paper for this process.

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